Friday, June 5, 2015

《星雲大師點智慧 5》

下午 3时45分 至 5时30分 
新加坡书展(新达城 新加坡国际展览中心 401 报业控股展区 E23柜台)

Sunday, May 31, 2015


So I got myself a customized Tremor from AftershockPC with the following specs:

- INTEL i7 4790 8MB 3.6GHZ
- 8GB DDR3
- 240GB OCZ ARC 100
- Win 8.1 64-bit
- Razer DeathAdder Chroma

They actually offered me next week's PC SHOW 2015 (4-7 June 2015) prices, which saved me around $400.

The PC SHOW 2015 Tremor deal throws in a 1TB HDD free upgrade, M7 Phantom gaming headset, an external DVD drive, TREND Anti-Virus and a ZOTAC mousepad.

Since I'm already using the Kraken 7.1, I'll test this out to compare. It should serve as an affordable headset backup.

Reviews to be out next weekend, so stay tune!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

KopiTalk Baey Yam Keng #41 (16 May 2015)

Finally I wasn't working on a Saturday and I decided to attend MP Baey's monthly KopiTalk dialog opposite my place at Tampines North. So what is this dialog about? Residents (mostly) gather here to rant and raise issues to MP Baey in hope of resolution from 2PM to 4PM.

Here are some of the residents' issues, some relevant and interesting, some not so much:

1. Elevator changed brand to Sigma and keeps breaking down
2. Heaps of questions on the upcoming Medishield Life
3. Increase in Life Expectancy, job security for elderly in the workforce; Skills Future credit account for skills upgrade, changing mindsets of employers
4. SSO center support for divorcees
5. Wheelchair-friendly vs Wheelchair-ready bus services
6. SMRT should have special designation/signage for wheelchairs
7. Green and Gracious, lighting too bright, Senior Citizen corner which runs 7pm-7am not being energy efficient as elderly go home after 10pm usually
8. Construction worker safety
9. Residents tossing shit (literally) from upstairs
10. Foreigner's children not able to be enrolled in public primary schools
11. Foreigner charged $1000 by agent who "guaranteed" enrollment
12. Conversion to weekend car should pay lesser COE
13. Resident Veronica Gan, urges KopiTalk to be held at Tampines North CC instead, since she stays near SunPlaza Park
14. Catching residents who pee in the lift, and rules governing personal CCTV in HDB
15. "Filthy" playground which in due for revamp
16. Skateboarders vandalising public area, photos and videos submitted to Town Council and NPC, however resident felt action taken by Officer Nazib (something like that) was insufficient
17. Complain about Tampines West MP Masagos Zulkifli's tactless response "the cleaner is not your maid" and "you go bring the issue to court instead"
18. Talk about being optimistic and less petty, communication as a key factor in a community
19. Announcement of free SG50 NDP Fun Packs for all Singaporean/PR households, looking for volunteers in July
20. Announcement of 7-8 August Tampines NDP carnival; screening of Ah Boys to Men 3, special appearance of four of the "Ah Boys", Nostalgic food from the Past
21. Announcement that MP Baey will be in France with President, Dr. Tony Tan for a week and will be replying emails and messages late
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